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GSAN Agreement

Members are required to maintain a high standard of ethics and professional conduct in their business activities. They are required to adhere to internationally accepted standards and practices regarding cargo handling and documentation and in the issuance of documents and are expected to comply with international conventions and maritime laws.

To do so, Members agree that they will (i) have staff with in excess of 10 years aggregate experience in all relevant aspects of Ship Agency, (ii) maintain adequate insurance coverage as locally required, (iii) keep their company in good legal standing (iv) maintain separate accounting files for principals and be able to support all charges with adequate supporting documentation including invoices and/or receipts, (v) provide adequate job training to their staff and (vi) in the event of any dispute warranting such, expressly grant GSAN (or an independent 3rd party nominated by GSAN) full and unrestricted access to its financial records.

Members also agree that their membership in GSAN is subject to revocation by GSAN upon (i) non-payment of Annual Membership Fees, (ii) failure to maintain the highest quality standards (iii) upon receipt of complaints from 3rd parties after due investigation and (iv) for any reason decided upon by the management of GSAN as being sufficiently serious as to warrant their expulsion from GSAN. In the event of revocation of membership, the member agrees to remove the GSAN logo from all their literature and publications.

Members further agree that GSAN, as a network association, assumes no responsibility for the acts or omissions of any of its members, including but not limited to, claims, demands or any other cause of action and shall fully indemnify GSAN and its officers for any actions brought against it in their name.

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