Benefits of joining GSAN:

The advantages and benefits of joining the "Global Ship Agencies Network" are many and include:

  • Exposure to those maritime companies seeking to use your services

  • Access to a network of your peers with whom you can collaborate, share ideas and resources

  • Ability to display the GSAN "Seal of Approval" logo on your literature and publications

  • Participation on regional and international multi-port RFQs coordinated by GSAN corporately

  • Ability to promote other non-Ship Agency maritime and logistics services offered.

  • Having GSAN (or a subsidized Member) represent your interests at major exhibitions and conferences

  • Potential of new business via our Port & Agency Estimate Request

  • Reasonable Annual Membership Fees with no up-front application charges

  • Aggressive Referral Program for recommending new members

  • The option to participate in Sales Offices in major maritime hubs

  • Guaranteed no lifetime increase in membership fees

  • The option to participate in a GSAN member-wide referral program

  • Use GSAN's escrow and international money remittance services (under development)

  • Attending the Annual Conference (under development)

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